Can you Clean Too Much

We’re more aware of staying healthy and germ-free in today’s world. Thus, we set about our homes removing clutter and wiping up stains. It stands to reason that the more often you do this, the better. But is that really the case? In truth, there are several things and places you can clean too often. This won’t just wear you out and put a damper on your mood; it could damage whatever you’re trying to clean.

That’s why we sat down to write this article. Having a clean home is one thing… But there are some practical reasons why you shouldn’t let it consume you. So let’s go over a few.


As far as dishes go, it isn’t so much the frequency of cleaning. It’s more the method that most people use. When you see a sink full of dirty dishes, they tend to be doing one of two things: Soaking or stinking. Many people prefer to soak their dishes before they start to loosen up food. Studies have shown this takes more time. The best time to clean dishes is immediately after use or clean a group all at once without any soaking.

Wood Surfaces

Furniture, floors, fixtures… If you have wood in your home, you probably want it taken care of. You probably have a favorite wax spray that helps it stay shiny. Be careful – Wax-based sprays can create a sticky, oily layer on wooden surfaces. Dust gets stuck to the surface, and then you spray again… And the cycle keeps repeating. Try a dry cloth before anything else.

Your Carpet

Be careful with how you respond to carpet stains. We’ve got a few tips for keeping clean carpets on your website, but there’s a big thing to avoid. Rather than soaking the stain in many cleaners right away, try lifting it with a distilled white vinegar solution. Commercial carpet cleaning formulas tend to contain chemicals that can damage and wear down carpet fibers. Therefore, if you use a lot of carpet cleaner, you may be weakening your carpet.

Clean Too Much of Yourself

In bygone days of old, people got by washing their hair just once a month. How often do you shampoo? If you do it every day, like with carpet cleaning, you could be wearing down your hair. Shampoo removes natural oils from your hair which helps it stay healthy and protected from the environment. Your hands are another place that could use a break.

While it’s important to wash up after using the bathroom, excess hand washing can ruin your skin’s ecosystem. Healthy bacteria that help promote immune development, natural oils, and more can be stripped away. What’s more… Those immune bacteria you’re wiping away? They’re often preventing superbugs that resist antibiotics from entering your body. So if you wash your hands too often, when it isn’t necessary, you could be making yourself sick.

The Takeaway

While cleaning up is very important, you should be smart about it. Several places can suffer from overcleaning. While we can’t help you out with that last one, we’ll be happy to handle the carpets and countertops. So give Chosen Sani-Fresh Maids a call today and set up an appointment. We will help you keep everything in the best shape it can be.