Five Tips to Get a Great Maid this Summer

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by household chores… Even simple ones that you do every day. That’s never more true than during summer heat when just getting outside can be a trial itself! If you’ve made the wise decision to enlist some professional cleaning help, that can be hard, too. There are many cleaners; how do you know which professional maid service to hire?

It can be a pain to go through every website’s services, features, and testimonials… And while you’re making phone calls, the chores are piling up and falling even farther behind. So even when you settle on a maid service, how do you know you made the best choice?

Don’t worry – We’ve written an article specifically for the summer. Here are the top five tips on choosing the best Tampa Bay maid service this summer.

1) Look for Flat Rates

There are some cleaning services with a very low price point. You might look like you’re saving $200, but buyer, beware! Often cleaning companies will underestimate their prices or charge additional fees. You know the old cliché about the mechanic finding a broken alternator when all you wanted was an oil change? It can be a bit like that.

With flat rates, you know exactly how much you’re paying and exactly what you’re getting.

2) Focus Your Efforts

While you can certainly hire a maid service to do everything, finding a good cleaner will be much harder. Focus on one or two areas of the home that you would love taken off your hands. Have a kitchen that’s hard to clean? Do you dread doing the bathroom or dusting? Some services allow you to pick and choose what jobs will be tackled on your visit. This helps you budget and helps you ensure the important stuff is done.

3) Book Early, Book Often

This is especially true if you want “Move-Out” cleaning. If you know your big move day is in a month, that’s the perfect time to book in advance. If you can settle with a bi-weekly deep clean, that might be a preferable option for your budget. Unfortunately, some cleaning services don’t allow this flexibility… And some charge you the same high rates all month long. Be sure you know what service packages are available!

4) Do a Walk-Through Review for a Great Maid

After your clean-up is done, see if your cleaner is willing to walk through and show you what they did. This is a point we can’t emphasize enough – Otherwise, it can be easy for smaller cleaning companies to forget a task. For example, if you’re getting your windows dusted, could there be a window they forgot? A good cleaner will be happy to do this simple step on the way out.

5) Make Sure You’re Covered

Are you hiring a cleaner to care for things while at work? You want your cleaning service to be bonded and insured! That way, if anything goes wrong or gets damaged, you know you’re covered. If a cleaning service won’t clean without you present, this is often a sign they aren’t fully insured!

Getting a Great Maid In Closing

Summer is a busy time for cleaners with all the mud and rain and weather we get. The windows are open, and dust is everywhere… So make sure your cleaner of choice can cover all of these bases. Or, you can choose us. Chosen Sani-Fresh Maids does all this and more! We have flexible options and subscription services to meet the needs of any home. Visit our website to learn more, and book today for the best clean of your life.