How to Clean Your Air Conditioner

Summer is well underway – And it’s been a hot one. We’ve had plenty of above-average temperatures day in Tampa this year. As a result, your air conditioner might be working overtime. July and August are Florida’s hottest months, so staying cool is more important than ever. It isn’t uncommon for an air conditioning unit to run nonstop these days.

And we get it! When you’re inside beating the heat, it’s nice to be comfortable. But, unfortunately, running your AC so much can put it through the wringer. Machines do, after all, break down after a while. Air conditioners are no exception… But did you know that a dirty AC can even spread bacteria into the air? In this article, we’ll go over how to keep your AC clean and healthy.

Why Clean an Air Conditioner?

Air conditioners can grow mold and bacteria like any other part of your house. Air conditioners are prone to condensation (water collection), creating ideal mold conditions. Since much of the air conditioner’s body is plastic, these parts can grow mold easily. In addition, a clean air conditioner runs better than an unmaintained one… Meaning it uses less energy to run. Don’t worry. The process is easier than you might expect!

How to Clean an Air Conditioner

Like any cleaning job, the first step is to grab a few household items. Get a bucket with warm water, some gentle dish soap or distilled white vinegar, and a clean microfiber. Next, get a drip-tray, a spray bottle filled with 3% hydrogen peroxide, and a soft bristle brush. A screwdriver and can of compressed air help, too.

1) Clean the Filter

The most important step is ensuring the air conditioner’s air filter is clean. Do this monthly, at least. Next, unplug your AC, and take off the AC’s front panel. The instruction booklet will have directions for your model.

You can remove the filter now. First, vacuum and rinse any debris on the filter with warm water. Next, let it dry all the way before using it again. If you put it in early, it’ll grow mold!

2) Wipe it Down!

Get between the vents in the grill and disturb every surface with soapy water. Be sure to dust and wipe the sides as well. The next step can be trickier. Be careful not to touch any electronic components! You don’t need to take it apart that far.

Wipe down the aluminum fins of your AC with a soft brush. This is the part made of thin, narrow strips of metal. Be careful not to rub too hard! Next, apply a bit of compressed air near the coils to move dust and debris.

3) Last Steps for Air Conditioner Health

To ensure a healthy environment around your AC, clean the drip and clear any debris from the drain. Then, let it dry before you put it back together.

Closing Thoughts

Your home will benefit from a clean air conditioner. Having a clean home will help you maintain a clean air conditioner. The two jobs are closely connected. Chosen Sani-Fresh Maids will professionally remove dust and germs from your home… Helping you maintain a functional air conditioner for many summers to come!

You can check the services we offer on our website and book today. One last tip; During the cool months, be sure to store your air conditioner somewhere dry and cool. Give it a check for mold or mildew before running it again, too!