Obscure Spots that Grow Bacteria

At Chosen Sani-Fresh Maids, we’re all about keeping your family safe and healthy. The cleaner your environment, the more sanitary your surfaces, and the less chance you have of getting sick at home. While staying on top of your day-to-day chores is one thing, it can pay to consider some extra spots that might grow bacteria. There are several places that collect bacteria you might never consider cleaning. In this article, we’d like to cover a few of them, both in and outside the home.

Don’t worry – We’re not looking to add even more work to your already busy schedule! We’re writing this article to open your mind to the many places bacteria can grow. While washing your hands after using the bathroom can help… Imagine touching one of these surfaces and rubbing your eye or yawning. You could be giving bacteria an easy ride into your body.

1) Your Car

Most people tend to focus more on the inside of their homes than the outside. They especially don’t spend as much time agonizing over the interior of the car… Unless you happen to be a car fanatic, in which case, more power to you. Think about how many times you touch the steering wheel, the gear shift, the radio… What about the little knob to adjust your seat? How about the seat belts? It’s more than just vacuuming and throwing out trash. Disinfect the surfaces you touch the most once a week.

2) ATM Buttons Grow Bacteria

Really, this applies to any surface that many people will touch. Payphones, airport terminals, ticket printers, you name it. We decided to focus on the ATM because studies have shown that nearly half of all ATMs have enough bacteria on them to get you sick. Do you want to take that chance? Bring some sanitizer with you and use it after your next withdrawal.

3) Hair Brushes

For something that spends so long in your hands, you probably don’t wipe down your brush very often. But you really, really should. A dirty hair brush is a very dangerous item. Bacteria easily survive on the oils and dead hair left behind… And when you bring these bacteria back into your hair, you can experience scalp infections. Consider giving your comb a proper wash.

4) Exercise Equipment

Do you go to the gym? Do you have a home gym? Well, you should do at least one or the other. Consider how many people might have touched the equipment you’re about to use when you do. Wipe it down before and after with disinfectant wipes or a spray. Some gyms offer spray bottles and rags for this very purpose. Cold and flu viruses can spread via sweat, so these are especially important places to disinfect.

It can seem like bacteria is hiding everywhere. In reality, it is. All sorts of bacteria, from the harmless to the horrible, can be found on all sorts of surfaces. At Chosen Sani-Fresh Maids, we’re familiar with all the hot spots. You can check our website for more info on that. The rule of thumb is to always think about how many touches a surface has had between cleaning.

If it’s a lot, clean it as soon as you can. If you think it might be a lot, give it a wipe down before touching. While you’re at it, give us a call. As maids focused on sanitation and providing a germ-free environment, you can have confidence we’ll leave your home a much healthier place. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.