Our pets are cute, loving, and vastly important parts of our lives that often become another member of the family – But goodness can they be messy. Who wouldn’t put up with a little mess if it means keeping your best friend around, though? Well, luckily, cleanliness doesn’t have to be one of the things you sacrifice! With these easy pet cleaning tips, you can stay on top of whatever little messes they leave behind without having to spend hours breaking your back and cleaning up after them.

Pet Cleaning Tips – General Cleanliness

If you’ve got a space for you and your pets, you likely have a cleaning routine set up already – You know all the basics, but there are some tricks you can use to make that routine easier. For example, did you know spraying your pet’s food dish with cooking spray is a calorie-free way to prevent stains from settling into the dish? Clean up is a breeze – And the addition of a place mat under the bowl you can easily scoop up spilled food and dump it right in the trash by lifting two sides of the mat.

But while you’re washing out Rover’s freshly sprayed dish, you might notice a bit of fur clinging to the rug… What can you do about that? Believe it or not, latex gloves are your best friend here. Fur will cling right to the latex thanks to static electricity – Like if you rubbed down your whole house with a balloon. This can work just as well as a fine toothed metal comb for getting fur out of your fabrics – And if you use both your gloves will catch whatever the comb misses! Naturally, some pets like to sleep on the couch… If you can keep them off of it, all the better – But if not, a light white vinegar spray can neutralize odors and help you clean your fabrics. Be careful using vinegar if you have a cat, though – It smells faintly of ammonia, and might encourage male cats to mark your furniture again!

Pet Cleaning Tips – Home is Where the Bed Is

Another great source of mess can be the toys and accessories we give our pets. Beds, blankets, chews and ropes can clutter up your living room and attract pet fur like a black hole. Cleaning these regularly by washing them and drying them thoroughly are a good place to start, but sometimes it can be an uphill battle. Hair tends to penetrate the fabric and weave itself into the threads, so tools like brushes and latex gloves can help to get it clean before you toss it in the dryer.

Wait – The dryer? That’s right – Before washing your pet’s bed, put it in for a dryer cycle without heat. This dings up and softens the fabric, ensuring dander and fur will come lose when you do wash it. Some beds are spot wash only, so be sure to read the tag before throwing it in the wash, and use a perfume free detergent. Do this once a week at least – It’ll keep your pet’s bed fresh and comfortable for a lot longer.

Pet Cleaning Tips – Toys and Things

As far as toys go, you might have figured out that hot water and a gentle dish soap are a great solution, but you can also park them in the top rack of your dishwasher for an easy and hands free way to keep your pet’s treasures crisp and clean. They do take a beating over time, though – As soon as a toy or accessory gets torn open, suffers a bite puncture, or otherwise starts falling apart it’s time to get rid of it. Sometimes cleaning just isn’t enough – But if you’re worried your pet will miss their favorite chewtoy, buy a duplicate of it and keep it somewhere safe so you can give it to them good as new even after it takes the harshest of treatment.

In Conclusion

Pets can be messy – But there are easy ways to keep up with the mess. Just like you have to keep your own things clean on the regular, your pet’s belongings need the same level of care. Stay on top of your regular cleaning routine – Sweeping and mopping help remove pet dander as well as fur, and dander can be a major source of pet odors. Sweep gently, though! If you’re whisking it into the air, it’ll just settle again when you finish cleaning. By keeping up a routine and using these pet cleaning tips, the big jobs are far less frequent, and you and your pet can live a much more comfortable and stress free life.