Protect Your Skin While Cleaning

Cleaning is hard work. Now that the warm weather is here to stay, have you settled back into your routine? If you have, have you noticed anything… Off? How about with your skin? The chemicals and cleaners we use to keep our homes spotless can be pretty hard on our bodies. After all, they’re hard on grime and mineral buildup, too. So if you’re using cleaning products regularly – And you should be – You should take steps to protect your skin when you do. This article will cover three ways to protect your skin as you keep your home sanitary and clean.

First Step

Ventilate! Run the vent and open a window if you’re cleaning the bathroom. Get a cross breeze going if you can and ensure adequate airflow. Many chemicals are irritating the longer you’re exposed to them. Some chemical vapors are enough to irritate your skin, such as bleach vapor. Next, grab a pair of latex, rubber, or vinyl gloves. Whatever glove you prefer will be better than no gloves at all.

It would help if you were careful not to let your hands get too wet when cleaning, too. Water getting into your gloves is no good. Your wet skin can cause the epidermis to tighten and constrict, causing familiar wrinkles… But also straining the bonds between your skin cells. The cleaning products you use can also damage your body’s natural oils. This can leave you with dry, cracking skin.

Stay Hydrated

When people get to cleaning, it can seem like nothing else matters. Supermoms and housemakers of all kinds are known for their great work ethic, after all. If you get swept up in the cleaning spirit, be sure you remember to drink water as you go. Please wash your hands (and dry them!) and sip from a water bottle as you clean. Water helps your skin stay elastic and firm rather than thin and tight.

It would be best if you also moisturized after cleaning or any time you use hot water. The heat makes your skin porous, which can lead to it drying out. When your skin is in this state, it rapidly absorbs moisture. As a result, more water will sweep out your skin’s natural oils and lubrications, leaving it dryer than when you started. A lotion with Aloe Vera can help prevent this.

Try Natural Cleaners

You don’t always need harsh cleaners to get the job done. Distilled white vinegar is great at general cleaning, and mixing it with baking soda can create a powerful compound. Rub this compound onto surfaces, and then rinse clean and pat dry. You can mix bicarbonate soda with lemon juice to create an acidic cleaner that works great on metals but is gentle on your skin. Our website has more great homemade cleaning tips. You can make a surprising amount of things with what you have available at home. Frequently, it works better than what you get at the store, too.

Try a Cleaning Service

Of course, you’ll only get worn out if you’re the one cleaning all day. Instead, rely on Chosen Sani-Fresh Maids. We will not only clean but sanitize your home and offer a wide range of services. While we’re handling the hard work, you can do things you enjoy. You can spend time with the family or enjoy eating out with loved ones… Or kick back and relax, knowing your skin will be safe from cleaning chemicals.