We help you stay on top of the cleaning to enhance your living space.

We help you stay on top of the cleaning to enhance your living space.

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Hello! I’m Ellen, Owner of Sani-Fresh Maid Service.

I created Chosen Sani-Fresh Maid service because of my love of cleaning. I want to provide the same joy and peace of mind I feel from a clean and healthy home. We boast a sanitized approach to a fresh space. We look forward to taking care of your cleaning needs.

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home maid cleaning service


Maintaining a clean and sanitized home should be a priority, not a luxury. Your home is your safe haven. Let us help you keep your home healthy and happy!

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home maid cleaning service

Special Events

Hosting an event is something to look forward to. The cleaning… not so much. Let us take care of the dirty aftermath while you plan for the next great event!

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Appearance precedes service and speaks to the level of professionalism that a company provides. We provide a healthy and clean environment for your business to thrive.

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Serving You in Seffner FL

Cleaning Services in Seffner, Florida

Seffner is a small, sleepy suburb of Tampa with a comfortable population of 8,362 according to 2022. Seffner hosts several small restaurants, six public parks, three entertainment centers, a small lake, and many other entertainment opportunities. With these in mind, most residents of Seffner own their homes, which can be a hassle to maintain for many of the residents currently enjoying the varied opportunities in Seffner.

Chosen Sani-Fresh Maids provides any homeowner with an absolutely pristine home to arrive at each day without the hassle of pulling out the cleaning supplies yourself, for an affordable rate. Our work focuses on removing dust, debris, and more from your home’s every surface. This also includes optionally organizing your home to your liking upon each visit.

Florida Sanitization Services

Chosen Sani-Fresh Maids has the resolution to ensure that your home is free of any and all bacteria that might cause harm. The supplies we procure can ensure that our cleaning services leave your home deep cleaned and sanitized. If you are someone busy, or someone who simply prefers to spend your free time doing other tasks instead of sanitizing every surface, we are happy to help.

We have several packages for each service that can be tailored to a homeowners’ needs, including adjustable date timetables for every session. So when you order our services, rest assured that Chosen Sani-Fresh Maids will take your house cleaning care year-round for affordable rates.

Disinfection Services in Florida

Considering the number of viral contaminants that can make their way into a home with your day-to-day travel, disinfection is essential. Our cleaning services ensure our supplies eradicate all bacteria on every surface of your home with rigorous detail. Our services destroy or inactive both bacteria and viruses identified on our products’ labels on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Residential Services For Seffner, Florida

With the sheer variety of surfaces in a home, it might become a concern for any homeowner to stay atop their spring and winter cleaning checklists. At Chosen-Sani Fresh Maids, we offer a variety of services, including apartment cleaning, house cleaning, vacation rentals, moving in/out cleaning services, disinfection, and more. Your residence will never feel cleaner with our one-time or recurring cleaning plans.

Commercial Services For Seffner, Florida

With Chosen-Sani Fresh Maids, rest assured that your business can be cleaned to the utmost degree to protect the health of your employees. Enlisting the help of our cleaning specialists can ensure that you have a clean, sanitized workspace for your employees and customers both. Allow our company to take care of the janitorial duties that might have otherwise burdened employees. We would be happy to take care of any facility; restaurants, business offices, medical centers, religious facilities, schools, gyms, and more are all spaces that we can ensure would be thoroughly cleaned each session.

About Us

Our business was created to offer residential cleaning services to homeowners that would be negatively impacted by the loss of time that a homeowner could spend cleaning their residence. Chosen Sani-Fresh Maids has expanded to include commercial services; thus, any space, small or large, is subject to our expertise. Spend your time doing something you enjoy, while we ensure you can return each day to a healthy home.

We are located at 3702 W Spruce St. #1022, Tampa, FL 33607.

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Sani-Fresh Maid Service: No Inch Left Unclean

No matter how small or large your home is, cleaning every inch of it is not an easy feat. It can take hours to get your abode in tip-top shape. We work in teams to ensure a comprehensive clean from ceiling to floor.

Residential Cleaning Checklist

Subscription Plus Plans Now Available!

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Know the Difference!

Chosen Sani-Fresh Maids goes beyond a clean. We sanitize and disinfect your home, providing a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

vacuum cleaning


Cleaning removes dust, debris, and dirt from a surface by scrubbing, washing, and rinsing.

sanitize cleaning residential maid service


Sanitizing reduces the bacteria identified on the product’s label on surfaces.

covid home maid cleaning service


Disinfecting destroys or inactivates both the bacteria and viruses identified on the product’s label on hard, non-porous surfaces.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness and a peace of mind living within that space.

Protect your Family