When to Throw out Furniture

Don’t miss the big items as you go through your spring cleaning checklists. We mean furniture – Sure, you should keep it as clean as the rest of your home, but how long should it stick around? Familiarizing yourself when the best time to toss it out and replace it will help keep your home sanitary. Old furniture can serve as breeding groups for pests and germs, and they don’t come with expiration dates. As a result, many people hang onto their old fixtures until they move out.

Whether it’s a couch you’re iffy about or a beloved rocking chair missing a few rungs, this guide will help you move on. It’s a big question, though – When should you repair and when should you toss furniture?

How Long Does Furniture Last?

It depends. Every piece of furniture is for different things and thus has different shelf lives (see what we did there?) – But there are some rules of thumb. Mattresses, in general, should last five to ten years. After this point, they’ll likely gather disease and mold. Sweat buildup can make it hard for mattresses to dry out, so toss them if they’re foul-smelling and old. You can steam clean new stains, but it becomes harder to save a mattress as old stains pile up.

Dining room furniture can last a much longer time. Tables can last decades if they avoid scratches or dents. You can hide the damage with placemats and tablecloths… But it may be time to toss it when the table surface starts to wobble and gets hard to fix. Chairs are similar, but you may need to reupholster them after 5-10 years unless they are in immaculate condition. If you have mismatched chairs, it’s often better to get rid of the lot and get a matching set.

This rule of thumb applies across the board. As furniture gets older, judge it by how damaged and usable it is. If it’s not regularly cleaned, maintained, and used, you don’t need to keep it.

What if I Can’t Toss It?

Furniture that won’t come clean anymore has to go, or you put your health at risk. For items that are too precious to toss, consider repurposing them. Old wooden furniture can be reclaimed, with healthy wood used to build new furniture. You could make craft projects from old chairs or table legs, such as picture frames or birdhouses.

A Better Way to Get Rid of Furniture

Rather than parking it on the boulevard and letting the trash company haul it to the dump, see if anyone you know could use it. Of course, you should do this after seeing if you feel like selling it. Generally, it would be best if you didn’t sell old mattresses or anything with dirty cushions… But college students and new homeowners are always on the lookout for cheap furniture.

Back to the article’s main point, furniture should be removed as soon as it becomes unusable. When your furniture can’t be cleaned anymore and repairs are impossible, it’s time to get rid of it. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help a beloved sofa last longer, but it might not last forever. If it’s just taking up space, consider letting go. With the added room, you’ll notice less dust clinging to your home and breathe a bit easier without worrying about that old couch. You can read more furniture care tips on our website.